Ironhorse™ 56C Frame TEFC Motors - 1/3 to 3hp - 1 & 3 Phase
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Start Capacitors
Single-phase motors use capacitors to provide starting torque when power is first applied to the motor. AutomationDirect offers spare/replacement starting capacitors for our IronHorse single phase motors.
Centrifugal Switches
The start capacitors are no longer needed once the motors begin turning, so they are then taken out of the circuit by a centrifugal switch. We also supply spare/replacement switches for our motors. One switch model is used for the entire line of IronHorse single-phase motors.
Run Capacitors
In addition to the start capacitors and centrifugal switches, IronHorse 1-1/2 and 2 hp single-phase motors also have run capacitors. These run capacitors allow the motors to develop higher running torque and greater efficiency, and improve the motor power factor.
Single Phase Motor Accessories
Part Number Price Accessory Type Capaci-
tance (μF)
Rated Voltage Applicable Motor Number Motor HP Motor Phase
motor base
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Motor slide bases are used to accurately and easily position your motor. Available in sizes from NEMA 56 - NEMA?449T, you can use these bases to mount all Ironhorse or Marathon© motors sold by AutomationDirect.