Ironhorse™ DC Gearmotors
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Ironhorse Permanent Magnet DC Motor
Environmental Rating:
Power Range:
Insulation Class:
(wave)Form Factor:
Filter Input Voltage:
Rolled Steel TENVC
1/19 - 1/5 hp
up to 1.35*
Filter Horsepower:
Performance Data - Parallel Shaft DC Gearmotors
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FL Amps Gear Ratio Shaft Size
Performance Data - Right Angle DC Gearmotors
Part Number Price HP Voltage RPM FL Torque
FL Amps Gear Ratio Shaft Size
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* Form Factor
The voltage used to power a permanent magnet (PM) DC motor is not always pure DC. It is often derived by rectifying a supplied AC voltage. The resulting DC voltage has a ripple that is related to the frequency of the AC input. Form factor is the ratio of Irms to Idc and indicates how close the driving voltage is to pure DC. The form factor for a DC battery is 1.0. The higher the form factor is above 1.0, the more it deviates from pure DC. The Form Factor Table shows examples of commonly used voltages. Form factor should not exceed 1.35 for continuous operation. Half wave rectification is not recommended as it drastically increases form factor. Operating Ironhorse PMDC motors with DC voltages with form factors higher than 1.35 can result in premature brush failure and excessive motor heating.
Form Factor Table
DC Voltage Source
1.0 Battery (Pure DC)
1.05 Pulse width modulation (PWM)
1.35 Full Wave rectification (single phase)¹
1.9 Half Wave rectification (single phase)²
¹ Most Common DC Drive for Applications .33 - 2HP
² Not Recommended